To submit a fly pattern for consideration:
Please remember the fly must be of Michigan origin or the fly must have been developed to be fished on Michigan waters. We are dedicated to dry flies only that were developed for brook, brown or rainbow trout.
Whether you are submitting a fly of your own creation or that of another, please follow the format as it appears on our web site.
Send the fly along with the write up (please print or type all information).  Sending the fly is a must --- I do my own photography. No photos or CD’s or written descriptions can be accepted. The actual fly must be sent.
If you are submitting a fly created by another person be sure you have researched the fly to the best of your ability. I hate to publish something only to be contacted by other people telling me that the information is not correct.
Along with your submission you may send a brief biography of yourself and a photo taken with a digital camera on CD. I will be happy to place this information on our site and list you as a contributor.
When you send me your materials: you must include your name, address, phone number and email address (this information with not be shared with anyone).

  • Nothing will be returned to you!  Anything you send will become the property of this web site!
  • We have the right to refuse to publish any material, for any reason, that we deem unacceptable.
  • Should you choose to do so, you are responsible for copy © writing your own materials.
  • We reserve the right to edit any submission to fit our needs.

When you have prepared all your material and are ready to send it to us.  Contact  us by email and we will send you the mailing address.