We update our site as often as we can. We hope you enjoy the information and historical patterns. I'll continue to research and bring you many new patterns and articles in the future. We've added over 35 patterns to the site this last year. As usual, we will being going dark for the trout fishing season. We'll be back in late August with many new patterns ! Remember, this site requires your information and participation.

Visits to this site are about 14,000 per year. 60% of our visitors are from Michigan. We have been visited by viewers from 44 states and 35 different countries. 67% of our viewers are return customers, and the average person spends about 21 minutes on the site. I just thought you'd like to know.

A Fly Museum has been established by this site. Original patterns tied by the original creators have be archived and are available on a loan basis for photography, or research. If you have flies tied by Michigan tiers we are always accepting the donations of patterns.

Accuracy is important to us here. If you notice that we have given out information that you feel is incorrect. Please notify us so that we can research our information and make the necessary corrections if warranted.

Information regarding old dry flies and tiers is important to our cause. Anything you can share with us, please do. In particular we are currently seeking information and patterns on the following suspected Michigan dry flies. If you know that they are not Michigan dry flies then also let us know that:

Eggie Bivisible, Algonquin, Au Sable Hopper, Badger, Captain, Cramer Deer Hair Fly, Cream Limbata, Dark Stone, Darter Series, Dry Caddis, Fairlane, Farmer Boy, Galaxie, Gary's Ghost, Giant Mayfly, Good Evening, Gray Stone, Great Yellow Drake, Green Bodied Stone Fly, Hairy Drake, Hank's Caddis, Hex Spinner and the Iceburg.

We're also seeking information on Marion Burtch, Eggie Bugby, Frank Cupp, Horace Failing, Bill Huddleston, Earl Madsen, Bill Koernke, Vic Cramer, Bob Roach, Paul Young, Edith Hartman, Hank Vesey and Jay Neve.

See you on the water..... remains published as a legacy archive where Tom left it
and is no longer maintained or edited