Fly Museum

The Michigan Fly Museum has been established to preserve dry fly patterns created for brook, brown and rainbow trout by Michigan tiers or flies designed to be fished on Michigan waters. All flies in the museum have been tied by the actual person(s) listed below. There are no imitations or copies. These flies will remain in this museum for all posterity. Contributions of flies tied by their creators are much needed and appreciated.

These flies are available on a loan basis for photographic or research purposes. A deposit is required in order to insure their return to the museum. For information on borrowing these flies please contact this web site.


Beel, Paul
Bonin, Jeff
Borcher, Ernie
Deschaine, Tom
Duffing, Harry
Galloup, Kelly
Gauthier, Tom
Greenberg, Josh
Hanna, Ralph
Hatcher, Chris
Haynes, Jon
Koernke, Bill
Kraimer, Ted

Lord, Mark
McClain, Jerry
McGowan, Jeff
Mills, Tom
Potter, Dennis
Reagan, Jerry
Richardson, Chris
Roberts, Howard
Schmidt, Ray
Schweigert, Ann
Sedlecky-Borsum, Josephine
Smock, Bob
Winnie, Art remains published as a legacy archive where Tom left it
and is no longer maintained or edited

Likewise, this museum has been closed and donated to other museums.